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Emergency Services

If your garage door becomes immobilized because it is off-track, jammed or for some other reason, it can bring about a great deal of inconvenience to your home or business by limiting access to the items you need the most; such as vehicles, equipment or tools. Broken garage doors can also cause additional security risks, because malfunctioning garage doors create a high level of vulnerability to areas such as vandalism, exposure to outside elements and general, overall damage. This can take place as a result of either an individual mishap or normal wear and tear. When these issues go untreated they create much larger problems. Additionally, burglary, acts of vandalism, or other malicious acts can result in even further damage to your garage system. SOS Garage Doors understands and is prepared to respond to such emergencies within Houston and the surrounding areas, anytime of the day or night, any time of the year..... Click to read more

Standard Garage Doors

SOS Garage Doors is a household name in providing repair services and delivering the best garage door models for businesses and residents within Houston and the surrounding areas. We also specialize in providing installation services for overhead garage doors while offering access and upgrade options for additional layers of protection. The standard doors offer additional functionality when used for recreational, industrial or commercial purposes. For many years, SOS Garage Doors has been home to a local team of experienced and highly qualified garage door experts, to include designing, installation, repair and maintenance. Our combined goal consists of offering the best service possible, which is reflected in each service that we provide. Our specialists possess years of industry experience and is capable of working directly with you or your designated representative to best determine the product that’s right for you..... Click to read more

Rolling Garage Doors

Rolling garage doors is an additional selection that is offered by SOS Garage Doors. This easy to install option is a great choice for maintaining maximum entry space. Our services also consist of installing our stock of up-coiling doors that are able to fit all major standard door opening sizes. Have a color preference? We can also make rolling steel door models in a wide selection of colors. We also offer curtain materials and slat profiles to choose from based on what’s most suitable for your aesthetic and security needs..... Click to read more

Specialty Garage Doors

Many Houston-based clients require garage doors for various reasons – either functional or presentational; but at times, they may be outside of what we normally offer within our standard overhead garage door selections. Therefore SOS Garage Doors also carries a brand of specialty doors designed to assist clients make better choices for their unique garage door needs. As it relates to our specialty doors, SOS Garage Doors technicians’ holds their own in terms of their level of knowledge. That’s because our specialty door staff has training in both repair and installation services, which affords them the ability to offer an immense insight that can greatly impact specialty garage door solutions for your home or business..... Click to read more

Custom Garage Doors

Since garage doors now represent roughly 50% of the visible exterior part of the building, the overall design can have a great impact on the buildings aesthetics. Because of this, we’re finding that the custom garage door design services that are offered by SOS Garage Doors have been taken advantage of by more of our clients..... Click to read more

Garage Door Maintenance

The expertise that is possessed by the SOS Garage Doors team provides us with an edge in implementation and repair services, as well as garage door and design services. Our technicians are always available to respond to your call at any time of the day. Our service delivery to clients based in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas is superb and fast. This is due to our state-of-the-art mobile units that allow us to arrive at your facility in record time. We stand behind our work and can ensure you that your garage door will remain functional for years to come..... Click to read more

Garage Door Installation

We take pride in providing great care in our ability to install aftermarket garage door systems and upgrades in a very accurate and fast manner. These include motorized garage doors as well as automatic motion detectors. Additionally we can address all energy efficient concerns during the installation process as well..... Click to read more

Garage Door Springs

SOS Garage Doors houses some of the largest selections of garage door parts in the industry. These parts are from some of the leading name brands in the marketplace in addition to a wide selection of generic parts as well. We have gone out of our way to become your one stop shop and primary go-to company within Houston for a large supply of garage door parts, weatherproofing materials, hardware and other accessories for pretty much any make, model or design in the marketplace..... Click to read more

Garage Door Openers

Garage doors are typically used more frequently than other entry ways. Nowadays, the use of a remote garage door opener or motion detector makes it even easier and more convenient. We have a wide array of automatic garage door openers, to suit every customer, including the economical standard models and the premium high speed, quite models..... Click to read more