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We take pride in providing great care in our ability to install aftermarket garage door systems and upgrades in a very accurate and fast manner. These include motorized garage doors as well as automatic motion detectors. Additionally we can address all energy efficient concerns during the installation process as well.

A Special Process

SOS Garage Doors Houston, TX 713-401-1935When we’re asked to design and install a specialty garage door solution, it requires even more attention to detail, as we are creating a customized individual system and a process that starts with an extensive consultation with the client. This will help us to understand more of what you had in mind. When we get to the point where we are able to combine one of our various design options with the most suitable security and access solution available, we then will build the customized garage door just for you, using the best material in the marketplace. We have our trusted network of material providers to thank for that.

This process is followed by a site visit so that our skilled technicians can take precise measurements of any surface areas that are associated with the placement of the specialized designed garage door. Upon completion of the installation process, our work is complete after the technician ensures that each panel is properly aligned and everything is airtight. And to take it one step further, our technicians will even check for any potential issues that may arise in the future due to normal wear and tear. Our proven process allows us to provide our Houston - based customers with peace of mind.