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SOS Garage Doors Houston, TX 713-401-1935Since garage doors now represent roughly 50% of the visible exterior part of the building, the overall design can have a great impact on the buildings aesthetics. Because of this, we’re finding that the custom garage door design services that are offered by SOS Garage Doors have been taken advantage of by more of our clients.

The designers at SOS Garage Doors focuses on assisting both commercial and residential clients with a design based on their personal and professional style. This is possible through our wide range of customized and unique garage door designs, in addition to a wide choice of unique materials that include various imported woods, brushed aluminum, as well as composites and transparent materials. This allows our clients to be a little daring with the vision that they have for their garage designs.

SOS Garage Doors portfolio of custom overhead garage doors consist of bifold and trifold garage doors, bar-inspired or swing garage doors, which represent just a few of the custom styles that we can design and custom create for you. Additionally, each of our doors that we create at our fabrication facility is made with the lasting hardware and other items as our standard garage door models. These custom built garage doors provide so much more than just an entry access and a security solution. The custom garage doors designed by SOS Garage Doors can operate beyond its normal functionality – enhancing the basic look of the business or home.

High Security Locks

At SOS Garage Doors, we understand the importance a garage door can have on your home or business’ security, so we also offer a choice of high security garage door locks created specifically for heavy duty, outdoor use. They allow you to maintain effective access control to your garage, which is basically like adding an additional layer of security to your home or business.

Shutters and Security Grilles

For clients looking for cost-effective specialty doors to provide a quality security solution,SOS Garage Doors has a large stock of heavy duty shutters, along with security grilles. This is a lightweight option that is a very inexpensive way to manage access to your highly secured areas. They also work great when used in retail spaces.